Vic M. Montaigne is an artist, who chose to leave behind a successful professional life as a homoeopath to follow the path of artistic photography, a long-standing passion. This passion gravitates towards an interest in black and white, often involving analogue photography in medium and large format.

The underlying context of her work is to go just one step beyond physical reality. It is her belief that many truly fine photographs possess some inherent quality appealing to the poetic sense of the viewer and will fascinate by an artful display of aesthetics. While the senses rest upon the image for a moment of inspiration and subtle emotion, a transient glimpse, a faint glow of some other realm seems to shine through, as if bypassing the usual path of interpreting the senses’ input. Following the magnetic pull of this subtle poetic dimension is what lies at the core of Vic’s photographic motivation.

Undoubtedly, photographs are based on some kind of optical representation of physical reality, but by no means is this their sole ingredient. Sometimes a photograph, although generally supposed to be a kind of frozen moment in time and space, seems to bear only the faintest resemblance to the intended moment of its capture. It seems there is an underlying quality becoming obvious only when looking at the finished photograph. The angle of view the photographer chose according to some personal previsualisation has somehow set this dimension free, extracting and elevating the essence from its often prosaic surroundings. Thus occasionally surprising and unexpected revelations of a world beyond seem to shine through, touching the inner eye. I call this the poetic dimension of photography.
Vic M. Montaigne

International Photography Awards 2013


In recognition of her work Vic was awarded Honorable Mentions for each of the images entered in the two ipa competitions (Lucie Awards) in which she has participated so far:


ipa – International Photography Awards 2013:

„Antique Psychedelia“
Honorable Mention in the category: Fineart: Landscape
Honorable Mention in the category: Nature: Landscapes
Honorable Mention in the category: Special: Other
„Surrounded by Water“
Honorable Mention in the category: Architecture: Historic

Honorable Mention in the category: Special: Other

ipa – International Photography Awards One Shot: Spaces in 2012:

„Listening to the Sounds of Otherworld“
Honorable Mention in the category Spaces: Inside
Honorable Mention in the category Spaces: Outside

In December 2016 Vic’s profile was featured on ND Magazine

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